Pictures and Videos of moments of Footsie in Shoes between Girls from all around the world

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All along the whole reason for starting this website and baring my soul to you all about my little shoes footsie fetish was in the hope of finding other like minded women who also had a 'thing' for playing shoes footsie with other women.

Well, the website is over 12 months old now and has grown into something I am very proud of. Whilst it has generated alot of interest from the guys out there (as well as guys pretending to be girls sadly), I have managed to make a few friends with other women and been able to talk about my shoes footsie thing with them. I have still yet to meet another woman who genuinely gets a kick (geddit :-) out of shoes footsie, however there have been a number of girl friends who have contributed the odd image or video of them and their girlfriends or friends engaged in some shoes footsie fun.

I am of course very grateful for the contributions you have sent me already however like a greedy child I always want more, so don't be shy... grab your camera, get your shoes on and tangle with them your mates and send me the results, the latest craze for 'selfie sticks' makes it fab for taking pics of your tangled shoes and you can get some great shots at different angles, of course if you have a friend who is up for taking the photos for you even better... information on how to send me pics and video is on the Contacts page.

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