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These are my own collection of images that I took way back in the late 80s and 90s (you can tell by the footwear and baggier jeans), the shoes and boots were predominantly all my own although the girls would wear their own from time to time and jeez did I seem to have a thing for black shoes back then... it's so funny looking back but seeing the pictures again of some of them reminds me of very happy footsie times both doing these scenes and other times when I didn't have my camera at the ready, some of these shoes I wore in some of my memorable footsie experiences, some are detailed in the stories section [here]. Now I have had a shoes footsie fetish all my life [see here], but this was the first time I had gone onto the web and turned my secret fetish into picture form for the world to see. The pictures used to live on the old Yahoo Groups website and I know some friends on here still remember those days! I had a lot of fun taking these with my then girlfriend and a bunch of our friends from College at that time. Plenty of alcohol was always a requirement to get the girls to be up for it and damn did they tease me about it afterwards, although true to their word they didn't tell the whole University about our little footsie photo session games.

Sadly as a hard working older woman now, getting the time or opportunity to do that anymore is simply none existent. I don't really keep in touch with any of the girls from college now and my current girlfriend I know wouldn't be up for taking photos of our shoes, although she does know all about my shoes footsie fetish and is happy to play, she teases me whenever she feels like it or whenever she wants something more like ;-)

The picture quality is not great for the pics I admit, but some are over 20 years old now, which I find staggering. I look back on these pics with very fond memories and hope you enjoy them, maybe they will inspire of few of you girls out there to do the same which would be amazing to see.

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