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From Newcastle to London...

This was an encounter that takes me back in my mid teens, about 17 I think, I was on a journey from Newcastle to London to visit my older brother from a little break in the big city. At the time ankle boots with about a 2" block heel and elasticated sides & no zip (do you remember them?), I used to wear them everywhere as they were so comfortable.

I was sat in the waiting room at the coach station and as per usual I was checking out other girls & women's shoes, this was at a stage of my life where I had realised that my love of shoes and footsie was a real turn on for me. Sadly as I recall there wasn't much that really took my fancy, alot of suede (urghhh!), sandals and scruffy trainers. Then I spotted a women and a teenage girl stood waiting - the girl looked to be my age or maybe a little older and the woman was maybe late forties, the woman had some flat brown leather boots with a black top (riding style) and the girl was wearing black lace up shoes with a little bit of a chunky heel, the main thing that grabbed my attention was that they were a little bit sruffy and battered... often a good sign that the wearer doesn't mind what her shoes are touching.

I have always found over the years that, as far as playing footsie with girls goes there a two significant types, one that simply doesn't care what their shoes are doing and the other that jumps a mile as soon as you get anywhere near their precious shoes. Scruffy shoes tends to mean that she probably won't be too worried about what her shoes are touching or doing so I really wanted to try and sit behind them on the coach.

I sat and watched them, it soon became obviously that the older woman was the girl's mum and they were off to London too, my excitement built at the thought of sitting behind them for the entire journey playing footsie with both their shoes. I began trying to work out how footsie friendly they would both be, watching their mannerisms and especially the younger girl I thought of the two of them the younger girl would be the best bet. After a short time and whilst staring at their shoes the girl put the side of her shoe flat against the side of her mum's boots and started to tap them, her mum didnt blink an eye and I quitely smiled to myself, the girl then looked down and commented on the size of her mums feet to hers, they both looked down and her mum moved her boot level with hers so they could compare but then left it there for a little while before they moved. It was enough to get my blood pressure rising and fill me with excitement for the journey ahead - oh how I was hoping that I could sit behind them.

Nothing more happened and finally the coach turned up, I waited for them to join the waiting passengers and walked behind them. I was trying to work out how I could manage to sit behind them both without looking too obvious as there weren't many people getting on the coach. As we neared the doorway the girl suddenly said she needed to go to the loo, she left her mum and went back into the waiting room and I really hoped that her mum didn't decide to join her too, thankfully she didn't.

As we boarded the coach t here were three rows of empty seats at the front and her mum went to get in the second one along, this meant I could jump into the seats behind them - my heart started punding as I began to think my plan was coming together, her mum then went to her seat and started to take off her coat and put her bag above the seat, she turned to me and apologsied for meeping me waiting but obviously I said it was not a problem in the slightest, eventually she sat down and without hesitation I jumped into the seats behind them. The coach was not even half full so I put my bag onto the seat beside and made myself comfortable. The young girl then got on board but to my horror said to her mum she wanted to sit further back... oh no! She asked her mum to move but thankfully her mum said 'no' and she didn't want to sit further back as she got travel sick, her daughter then reluctantly put her bag above the seat and sat down in a bit of a grump.

Having done this many times on coaches and school buses in my younger days I was an old hat at footsie on coaches and trains. Most of the time I simply try to put my shoe as far under their seat as I can and up against the side of the coach or against the seat leg and then just patiently wait, if or when the footsie starts I just hope that the woman doesn't realise it is my shoe that she is up against and thinks it is part of the seat. This was obviously an awful lot easier to get away with when I was younger as we are more carefree and generally don't care a bit if our shoes are touching our girlfriends shoes, I have countless magical memories of occasions then but we'll come back to those stories later.

So anyway, having made myself comfortable I began to stretch my ankle boots out in front of me and under the seat, my right one against the side of the coach and my left roughly in the middle of the seat between her and her mum - kind of either side of the mum. The younger girl got up and put her coat above her seat, she sat back down and as she did she brushed my left boot, this was a good sign as it meant my boots would reach her shoes, she then sat down and got her self settled - the biggest encouragement was that she either didn't feel it or maybe thought it was her mum's boots she had touched. They chatted a little while and then the girl lent forward and put her bag under her seat, to do this she moved her shoes apart and pushed right up against my boot - quite hard and full on! This could have been a key moment, would she look down to see what she was resting her shoes against or just do nothing - to my exceiement she did nothing. Almost immediately she began to jiggle her shoe up and down against mine as if she was tapping to music, I could feel the leather of her shoes creeking against mine and I definately began to smile. This went on for quite sometime, with varying degrees of movement, but at all times her shoe remained against my boot, at one stage I could even feel the warmth of her foot through her shoe and my boot. I began to wonder if I could get my right boot involved but didnt want to ruin what was already a lovely moment!

No wanting to lose contact with the girls shoe I decided that I would just keep it there and let her play as much as liked and brough my right book back towards me leaving only my left one outstretched. After a short time the coach set off and gently bumps in the road meant that my boot and he shoes continually rubbed together gently tapping and sliding together as the coach moved. This continued for quite sometime but eventally the girl changed position and moved her she away. The journey continued with other little moment where I managed to touch both the girls and her mother's boots at various stages. However the highlight of the whole journey was so much fun, I had my left boot outstretched as I had at the start of the journey, the girl had her right shoe against the outside of my my left boot, it wasnt pressed had but I could feel her shoe moving against it slightly, then to my double my excitement her mother shuffled in her seat and made a sandwich of my boot inbetween hers and her daughters shoe - both of them didn't move and for a good few minutes my ankle boot was squashed between both theirs. I am guessing that both of them assumed they were up against each others and so were not concerned, the girl proceeded to rub, tap and squeeze her shoe against mine, whilst mine was right against her mum's so she could would have been able to feel it too. Very gently I just began to move my own boot against her mum's, just gentle squeezing at first, kind of slightly rolling my boot into hers and still up against her daughters, I rubbed and played with by the girls shoe on the other side of mine too, and it was about this point that her mum turned round to her and said 'I hope your not marking my boots' to her daughter. This again brough another little smile to my face :-)

Another lovely moment was later in the journey when I think the girl crossed her legs under her and put one of the right onto my leftt boot, right on top of it. She then tapped, stroked and squeezed it but I'm guessing she must have thought it was the seat leg, she jiggled her shoes on mine and squeezed tight against mine on numerous occasions. At the end of the of what proved to be a memorable trip that I will never forget and probably never be able to surpass in terms of footsie I looked at my right boot and it was covered in little marks and dust where the girl and her mum had been rubbing against it, obviously I didnt mind a bit.

This will go down as a firm favourite in my various experiences and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.




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