A collection of pictures and videos of girls playing footsie in their shoes from all around the world.


A rush hour train journey ...

Earlier on in the year when the weather was still cold and grey and typically English I was travelling on a train to London. I was sat opposite a women wearing some lovely black leather boots, not high heels at all, I would say about a 2" block heel and a slightly rounded toe.

I was wearing some black leather Puma Mostro's, they have such lovely soft leather and as well as being great for negotiating packed rush hour London trains and running from Station to Station as I often seem to be doing, they are gorgeous to play footsie as the leather is so soft. I had originaly sat down at an empty 4 person seat with a table in the middle, but as my luck would have that day along came this woman and sat opposite me, we were
both sat next to the window and I pretended to pick my bag up from under the table just to see what shoes she was wearing - my interest arose when I saw she had such lovely leather boots on, her choice of jacket and top were less impressive however that didn't really concern me as I was now focussed solely on some potential footsie.

She stood up again and put her bag above the seat so as she did I moved my right foot right out but right up against the side of the carriage, hoping that if she did happen to touch against it she would maybe think it was part of the table or indeed the side of the carriage. I really just hoped that maybe I would get the odd touch or two and that maybe she would brush up against my foot or something however as luck would have it I managed a lovely moment of footsie with her.

I will try and describe exactly how it happened and I hope you dont
get too lost;

My right foot was stretched out well over her side of the footwell under the table, when she sat back down she crossed her right boot behind her left and moved both of them to her left and literally banged
right into and onto mine, because of the way she had crossed her boots her right boot was pressing down on top of my trainer. As always this was the crucial moment - would she realise it was my shoe or no... yey,
she didnt even flinch and I got one of those lovely warm and tingly moments inside. She must have sat like that for a good 10 minutes rubbing and squeezing her boots against mine, as the train bumped around on the tracks so did her boots all over my trainer. I could feel her leather squeeking against mine and I could feel the warmth of her feet through the boots - thats how tightly she was up against my shoe. At one point she leant to her right to get something from her bag which meant her boots pressed even more harded into my Puma, I could feel the squeek of the leather as they pressed even tigheter together.

Sadly the journey was only a 15 minute trip and a short time later the woman got up to leave, nevertheless another lovely moment to remember.




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