A collection of pictures and videos of girls playing footsie in their shoes from all around the world.


Jenny's story ...

A contribution from footsie in shoes fan - Jenny from Scotland.

Hi Hanna, so as promised here is my story, I hope you like it. I cant really remember how old I was when I started my fixation with womens shoes and playing footsie with them. I do remember playing footsie games a lot when I was in primary school where we would all (just girls though) tangle our legs up underneath a table and then try and guess who shoes are who by feeling and not looking, I invented that game and I remember it made me feel good!!!!

During my first years in comprehensive school I seemed to go off the whole footsie thing for a while, but then, mary jane style shoes became popular and I remember as clear as day sitting in a bus shelter linking ankles with a girl who was wearing a black leather pair, I had some black leather loafers (Paul Weller style) and as our legs swung together our shoes made a squeeking noise which was the leather rubbing together, we played for ages trying to make different noises, she even crossed her other foot over the top of mine to make more noise! I was only a wee girl then but I distinctly remember getting home and feeling really strange and wanting to do it again while we waited for the bus the following day.

Now talking about the bus, I could write a whole book on the number of times I've played footsie with other girls on the bus, I would deliberately sit behind, in front of and next to girls with nice shoes and deliberately put my shoes in a position so that they would get in their way and end up touching their shoes with mine. When I was younger I often got away with this and even blatant attempts at footsie would go un-noticed. the girls being completely unaware that it was my feet they were touching, rubbing, stroking or even standing on, I remember on one occasion there were two girls who were my friends adn were sat in front of me, I was was lent on the back of their seat talking to them, all the while my feet were streched right out and they both playing footsie with me. On another occasion I was sat behind another girl who had boots on, they were light grey and the floppy sort but lovely soft leather and I was desperate to sit behind her when I saw her in the bus queue, anyway as I usually managed to do I did sit behind her and again had some great footsie, but when I got off the bus I was wearing some black leather lace up style brogues and white thick stockings (it was winter!) and my shoes and the bottom of my stockings were covered in dust and marks where she had been standing on and rubbing against me, I remember that my mum went mad with me when I got home.

Im in my last year at college and will be off to University in September and the fetish is still as strong as ever, I even plan my day and breaks to be close to girls who I know don't mind when there shoes or boots are being touched, that is another thing I have noticed some girls are really sensitive and others just don't care. I have no idea why that is.

I don't know where this is going as I don't think I'm gay, I am attracted to boys and I have had boyfriend in the past but have also had several drunken moments with girls - which seems to be happening more and more and I'm pretty sure I enjoy being with a girl more than guys. I remember being in a nightclub with my ex-boyfriend - I was sat on my best friends knee with him next to us as he didnt want me sat on his knee, my shoes were all over hers and I was so turned on, he had absolutely no idea.

I can tell you a million stories but this is not what I am writing this for, I'm just hoping that this will encourage other girls to write and share their experiences or even send you photos. It a relief to know there are other girls out there who are into footsie in shoes too. For the record I think your website is fantastic and thankyou for starting such a unique site, I will definately keep in touch but I don't think I will ever be brave enough to do some pictures just yet though - although it's not out of the question. Thanks again Hanna ;-)




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