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Christmas Party - Fancy Dress

After splitting with a long-term girlfriend I decided to go for it at Christmas and get to as many parties as possible. This was my first of the year and what a night it turned out to be. It was fancy dress and three of us from work decided to go as pixies... you know the look I mean, loud stripy leggings with matching colourful tightfitting tops, short skirts but most importantly big black leather boots! I wore some lovely plain black leather Faith flat boots that I had bought especially for the night.

It was a client's work party and I knew quite a few people there as did my girlfriend's. One of the girls had some suede boots on which I didnt like but the other had some lovely Prada over the knee flat boots on, I commented on these as soon as she walked into the my house and I remember thinking on the way to the party in the taxi that I would love to play footsie with her at some point during the evening.

Anyway the evening went really well and I had a great time, I got a fair bit of attention from a few blokes but no ladie sadly however as I was still a little raw from the break up I wasn't really on the look out for a new partner. More importantly I did manage to get a few little touches and moments of footsie with a few women but nothing overly exciting and none that really turned me on. most of them were the non footsie type and kept moving their shoes away as soon as I touched them or apologised for touching mine (when I had deliberately put mine in the way in the first place!), needless to say the three of us girls got very merry indeed and were having a great evening.

Towards the end of the evening the girl in the Prada boots and I were sat together on a couch, I had my boots crossed and stretched out in front of me and we were talking about my ex, I was getting a bit tearful and not really wanting to get upset as I'm not the sort to blurt out my private life on people, however after a few drinks emotions take over and a little tear managed to sneak out, she put her arm round me and she then crossed her left leg over her right and rested her whole booted leg on top of my crossed boots. Her whole boot was resting on the top of mine (and needless to say I felt a whole lot better at that point!!!!). As our boots moved slightly I could feel the leather squeeking together which was so nice, both on our feet and all the way up to the knee. Seeing me a little upset my other friend who came running over, pulled up a chair right in front of us and as she sat down she gripped my boots (with Donna's boot still laying on top them) between her's and squeezed them together as if giving my boots a cuddle with hers. Well as you can imagine I felt even better still then at that point even if her boots were suede! She stayed sat in front of us for a good 15 minutes or so and never let her grip on my boots go the whole time.

Emma then eventually got up to get us all some more drinks and Donna also went to the loo. At this point I crossed my right leg over my left and hoped that Donna would come back and sit back as she was (with her left leg over her right) so they would come together again. When she came back (with two frighteningly large Vodka and Oranges!!!!) she sat back down but didnt cross her legs back as she had them (gutted!), we sat and talked for ages but without her moving her boots, I was just about to uncross my leg when she commented on my boots saying that she really liked them, I asked if she wanted to try them on and she asked me what size I was, and with that she crossed her leg over and placed her boot right next to mine so we could compare size. We didnt swap boots but she did keep her boot next to mine, and we chatted some more with out boots pressed together again. She then put her boot under mine and lifted my leg up in time with a song that had come on which we had both started to singing to and this went on for a while. By now I was a much happier a girl, Donna didnt seem to mind me playing with her boots at all so I carried on tapping them and playing with them for a good while after that.

In the taxi home we sat together and I made sure I pressed the side of my boots into hers the whole time, this was easy to get away with as there was little room in the back of the taxi, there was lots of squeeking and pressing of the leather together, Donna even fell asleep at one point and I took full advtange by gently stroking my boots against hers. If only I could have persuaded her to keep them on when we got home but the she took them off as soon as we got in the house, but all in all another lovely evening's footsie.




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