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Self Defence Class

Once in a while a footsie moment comes along that is both unexpected and totally spontaneous, this little event happened to me only a couple of weeks ago at a Self Defence/Martial Arts class I have joined.

I had decided to join this club at my local sports centre, it as a self defence class but with a mix of Judo thrown in, it involves many different types of holds (and how to break free from them) as well as some great Cardio exercises too. I had already been going for about 3 weeks, I didnt know any of the group when I first joined and I am reasonably confident that knowone knows that I am a Lesbian. However I have kinda chatted to this one woman more than any other, as a result when the sessions involved pairing up with a partner we have nearly always ended up in a pair, mainly due to the fact that we are both about the same size.

I have done a few sparring sessions with her and practiced various exercises and moves that the instructor wanted us to do during sessions and every now and then there has been the odd contact between our trainers - nothing overly exciting but still pleasant all the same. However this one particular session seemed to take the 'tactileness' with each other one step further. This session that evening had involved being put in various holds while on the floor and how you can escape or turn it around so you can be holding onto your attacker. The nature of the excercises meant there was alot more body contact than we have experienced so far in the classes but knowone seemed to bothered including myself and my partner. Having gone through the class and having a fair few moments tangled on the floor with her she suggested at the end of the session we practised a few more, we are always given time at the end of each session to practice further and it was nothing unusual for a few people to still be on the mat tumbling around.

She wanted to practice some of the ground techniques we had gone through and how to get yourself out of them however we agreed that rather than stop if the other one managed to get out we would just carry on. As you can imagine this involved an awful lot of leg tangled/body tangled exercise, now I may have been wrong but after 30 something years of understanding when a girl is giving me the c'mon I began to feel as though her holds were a little more affectionate rather than training, she seemed to be getting very clingy especially when it came to pressing and sometimes rubbing her lady area against my thighs as well as against mine too, on a couple of occasions she pressed her thigh into me and moved it up and down - virtually without trying to disguise it.

Now obviously while all this was going on around the middle area of our bodies, our legs, but more importantly, our trainers were utterly wrapped all over each others, I wear some white and pink leather Nike Air Max trainers and she always seems to wear some black and white leather Puma Mostro trainers, which I have to say I really like and having spent so much time in contact with lately are lovely to play footsie with - they are really soft. We continued rolling around the floor for what must have been twenty minutes, every once in a while we would stop but keep the particular hold on and talk about how to maybe get out of it or what was or wasn't working etc.

At the end of the session once we had untangled ourselves from each other we went through the usual warm down exercises, one of these is sitting face to face with our legs straight out in front of us, sole to sole and you hold hands and take it in turns to pull each other towards each other. This was the last of the warm down exercises and after we had finished we were both laid flat on our backs unwinding slightly, but she still carried on gently tapping my trainers with hers and moving them from side to side... abit like a windscreen wiper on a car.

So, I'm not sure what to make of the whole thing, the footsie weas amazing and have to admit to being very turned on during our session together, I don't know if she is making a play for me or not, as I said she doesnt know I'm a Lesbian and she is married with a little one... oh why is life so complicated!!!!




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