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First Photo Session - where it all began!

The story of my first footsie photo shoot, footsie - drunk hockey girls stylee!

I have been asked a number of times to tell the tale of how my very first footsie picture session happened – so here it is as best as I can recall as it was back in the very early 2000s.

For most of that period I was playing hockey in the north east of England and had a really good circle of girlfriends who played at the same club. Almost every weekend would involve at least one game followed by the usual night out and a stopover at one of the girls’ houses. I had just about kept my love of footsie to myself at that point – it had been something only a couple of my previous girlfriends knew about and none of my friends at that time. I was happy to keep it secret as apart from the fact I thought they might think me a bit weird, it also meant I could get away with playing footsie with any of the girls without them realising it turned me on so much.

There were so many occasions in the club house after hockey games sat with my team mates, several drinks into an evening, when I would have my shoes up against other girls’ shoes under a table or deliberately allowing my shoes to be touched by some of the other girls’ shoes or boots. Not at any time did any of the girls suspect anything, I would never pull my shoes away if they got knocked, touched or lent against and not many of the other girls did either which was always a good thing. There were a couple of the girls who I got to realise were a lot more tactile with their shoes than others and I would always try and sit with them more than the others as I always seemed to be guaranteed a nice footsie experience more often than not.


So, getting onto the story of the first photo session, it did indeed happen after one of these hockey nights, four of the girls came back to mine after a night on the town and as you can imagine we were all a little bit worse for wear. How it started is one of the those moments we have in life which you never forget, we were all sat in the kitchen drinking tea and having toast, one of the girls came over to me and sat on my knee, as she did she put the insides of her shoes flat against the outside of mine and kind of squeezed them together, I joked that she was giving my shoes a cuddle and for some reason I just came out and told them that actually I really liked playing footsie, I didn’t go so far as to say it really turned me on but just that I liked to do it – almost just like having a cuddle but using my shoes and that it just made me feel close to my friends, they all knew I was very tactile and cuddly anyway and so they weren’t overly too bothered or freaked out by it and certainly didn’t suspect that it was a turn on or anything.


We then got into a conversation about how sometimes we do play footsie without knowing or realising it just because we all are close and tend to sit really close together. All the while this conversation is going on my friend is still sat on my knee with her shoes pressed against mine but now she is starting to gently squeeze my shoes with hers. I had some black leather ankle boots on at the time (the very ones in the pics above) and she was wearing some brown knee high leather boots (these were actually featured in a later photoset that we did).


The conversation carried on a little while longer. I had been thinking about the idea of taking some pictures of footsie for some time but had never got the courage to ask any of my girlfriends at the time for fear of scaring them off, I had just come out of a fairly long term relationship with a girl and really wanted to enjoy the single life, all of a sudden I just came out with it, I can’t remember the exact words I used but it was something along the lines of... ‘right, who’s up for doing some arty footsie pics with me then?’ I put in the ‘arty’ term so as to hide behind the concept of just photography, as the girls all knew I was a bit of an amateur photographer and I thought that it would be the perfect disguise, I do however clearly remember my utter delight and excitement when they all agreed with a fair amount of enthusiasm too (don’t forget we were a little tipsy at that point), we all moved into the living room and I went to get my camera. When I came down stairs I was greeted with them all sat on the sofa wearing some of my shoes and boots and with all their legs in a complete tangle, they thought it was hilarious and although I clearly remember being blown away seeing such deliberate and blatant footsie right there in my living room I did see the funny side of it too, although I also felt very turned on by such a sight.

After composing myself I got all the girls to sit around my dining table and simply told them to ‘carry on’ whilst I took lots of pictures under the table, to say I was in heaven was such an understatement. I remember as a young girl playing footsie games with girlfriends, tangling our shoes together, but not as an adult and it was a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. The other girls seemed to be just having a giggle about it too but seemed to be enjoying it, they put their shoes in all sorts of positions and tangles while they drank and chatted and generally we all had a great time doing it. In a couple of shots I managed to get my own shoes in the picture too by holding the camera in one hand and taking some ‘guessed’ shots, the feeling of the girls shoes and boots against mine in such a tangle was amazing, as well as the site of the girls shoes so tangled together. I took some real close up pics too which allowed me to get down under the table, really up close to the shoes and their various position up against one another, this was obviously a first for me, but being so close to footsie was amazing and really turned me on, I went on to move the girls shoes with my hands, deliberately pushing their shoes together and getting them in a right tangle at one point. I distinctly remember the little squeekes and noises the leather of the shoes were making as they were all tangled up together, the close up shots also meant I could smell the leather of the shoes.


We went on until well into the early hours with me taking so many pictures and having a great time just being daft – I did think at the time that this would be my once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph footsie, how was I to know that the girls would be so up for doing lots more.

I went to bed a very turned on and happy girl that night, however I was also really worried that the next morning everyone would be a little embarrassed and the atmosphere would be uncomfortable, thankfully it wasn’t and it was then that the girls all said we should do it again, however the next time they would bring some of their own shoes to play in too. That couldn’t come soon enough for me!

Hanna xxx


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