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Earliest Memories

I have been asked a few times now to try and describe how my shoes footsie fetish started and to recall my earliest experiences, I realised very quickly that I was born with this little love of footsie that I have and can recall what I think was my first moments playing footsie with other women.

Now in terms of age then I think I was around primary school age, 5-6 maybe although I’m not 100% sure and I was maybe a little older, but it was around then that I remember vaguely being sat on the floor in the living room at home with my sister and sister in law sat in front of me, it would have been in the early 80s and I have a lasting memory of them both wearing leather boots really often, I would put my shoes on top their boots one after the other (I would compare it now to playing a piano but with my shoes as hands and their boots as keys). I would also like to move their feet so that their boots were touching each others, side by side and then move them so that were alternate and tangled. In later years my family used to tease me about this a lot in front of my friends, occasionally girlfriends would want me to show them and actually physically describe what I did in front of my family too, I would have to go through the whole scenario which I secretly loved as it meant I could play footsie with them. Whenever we had family get-togethers it got to the stage that I used to actually hope that my family would bring my little childhood footsie stuff up, I would pretend to be all embarrassed but secretly loved it, they obviously (and still don’t) have no idea how much I enjoy it.

I remember playing footsie games with other girls in the lane where I grew up, I invented a game where a friend and I would really tangle our shoes together and another friend would have to use their shoes to try and untangle them, another game was if there was a few of us sat at a table I would get all the girls to tangle their shoes up, I would then have to use my shoes to touch and feel the big tangle of shoes and guess who’s shoes were who’s without looking under the table. This actually got quite popular and we used to do this often. As you can imagine all this tangling and rubbing shoes together used to mean my school shoes were always battered and scuffed as well as my white socks and I have a distinct memory of constantly being told off when I got home for not looking after my shoes.


I think footsie took a back seat for a little while, probably around age 8-10 – I’m not really sure why. I began to realise from a relatively early age that boys just didn’t do it for me and I was attracted to girls. I do remember really liking some of the girls’ shoes at school and getting my mum to buy me the same ones, I was renowned for having lots of pairs of shoes as a child and was fortunate to have parents who earned well, I have to admit to being a little spoilt. I do recall lots of little playground footsie moments, mainly during play fights and the like. There was always this one particular girl, looking back I think she was probably gay too, however she would always be really tactile with other girls and was great to play footsie with as she would really not care if her shoes were touching or being touched by mine, in fact she often used to start it and play with my shoes with hers if we were sat together or just simply put her shoes up against mine.

My education was then turned on its head, I spent only two months at a comprehensive school before I was shipped off to a private girls’ school, my dad had got a really big promotion at work and they had both decided that they wanted to give me the best education they could afford. The local comprehensive wasn’t great and looking back I am so grateful to them in so many ways for taking the decision to do it. However, I utterly hated it, I was initially very homesick, I missed my friends and one girl in particular who had just moved into the lane where we lived and I had a massive crush on and she seem to always wear beautiful shoes that I really wanted to play footsie with. However I very quickly settled in and made some great friends (most of which I am still in touch with today). It was this stage of my life my both my sexuality and my love of footsie really became clear. It was in my first term at private school that I had both my first kiss with another girl and, what I firmly believe looking back now, was my first orgasm and I had my first real ‘girlfriend’, who I absolutely adored at the time. I remember going home after this first term and telling my mum that I really liked a girl and actually told her that we had kissed, god knows why but I think I was very naive at that stage but I remember that my mum seemed really pleased. It has become apparent to me now that I have been blessed with having the best mum in the world when it comes to accepting that I am lesbian, it’s just a shame I can’t say they the same for my dad.

My first orgasm with another girl was with my first girlfriend and I remember thinking just how lovely it felt. We were simply laid on my bed kissing after a day of really flirting with each other, lots of leaning up against each other, sitting closer together in class than normal and of course lots of lovely footsie under the desk. However it all really started during the afternoon break when we were sat together outside, she wrote me a note, folded it up and put it in my hand, she walked away to go to the toilet and told me to open it while she was away and that I had to write my answer down and give her the note back when she got back. I opened the note and there was a big heart drawn on it, inside this she had written ‘Lynne + Hanna’ underneath was a big question mark (?) – she then put a blank line under this with some little flowers and hearts drawn all around it for my answer. I wrote in big capital letters ‘YES’ and then drew lots of kisses around the edge of the note. When she came back I gave her the note and she was really nervous about opening it, I then remember putting my shoes inside both hers and sandwiching her shoe between mine and gave her the best possible affectionate smile I could – she opened the letter and smiled back at me, if we could have kissed then without being seen we would have, so we just had a big hug. After school had finished we went back to our room, we didn’t change and more importantly I didn’t give her chance to take her shoes off, I grabbed her and threw her on my bed and laid on top of her, I remember making a point of tangling my legs and shoes with hers and joked that I didn’t ever want to lose her. There was then that really nervous pause, we were nose to nose and she said ‘will you kiss me?' She had hardly got the ‘k’ of the word kiss out before I started kissing her. We then laid kissing for what must have been hours, it had got dark by the time we decided to stop, we had laid tangled together, bodies pressed together and shoes on and all over each others, but we did nothing more. I did however have my first orgasm there and then, we have spoken since then and she claimed she had no idea but it felt to me that I really shuddered and shook and was really embarrassed although she says that she really didn’t notice. We were really rubbing our bodies together, legs entwined and thighs pressed and rubbing against our vaginas. But although this felt amazing my distinct memory was of how nice it felt being laid together with our shoes on and all entwined, I remember how nice it felt feeling the leather rubbing together, soft and yet a little kind of squeaky. I loved the feeling of her shoes moving over mine and loved the fact that if I stopped she would pull me back, wanting to keep us so tangled up together.


We shared every class together and sat together, went to dinner together, pretty full on as I remember. I had not told anyone about my footsie thing back then but I was firmly aware that it made me feel ‘all funny and tingly’. When sat in class, at dinner, during breaks whenever I could - I would always put my shoes near or up against hers so that they were touching. When she played footsie with me she was always so gentle, a bit like you would stroke a kitten, really light and caring. I used to love feeling the warmth of her feet through her shoes when we managed to get that close and full on. I remember she used to wear really nice shoes, lovely black leather and they always looked very expensive and were always really smart – I never liked to be too rough with them just in case I scratched them. I was lucky as black tights and black shoes were part of the ultra strict uniform and that is still a look I like to wear today. Looking back and considering I was in my very early teens I seemed quite mature for my age and definitely felt something which you would describe as love for her, we were simply inseparable as were our shoes .

Hanna xxx


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