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25.12.2014 Thanks for all the festive wishes, a very Happy Christmas to you all!
11.12.2014 Updates to all Picture galleries - 74 in total.
27.11.2014 A few images from HBO's TV series 'Girls' has been added to the Celebrities section, seems these girls don't mind getting their shoes all cuddly!
26.11.2014 The 'Shoefie' category is already into it's second page, I've managed to find lots of images across the globe and it seems this is really popular too, thanks for your comments. A couple of other additions have been added including a lovely shot in the Celebrities section of the beautiful Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johansson with shoes pressed together!!!
25.11.2014 A category has been added to the images section, the 'Shoefie'... a new twist on the selfie but looking down at your shoes altogether.
24.11.2014 All image galleries updated with new pics, the Celebrities section continues to grow steadily
17.11.2014 The Celebrities and Group sections have been updated. I have been pleasantly suprised to find so many pics of female celebrities being photographed playing 'footsie' with other female stars. It is quite common for 'girl groups' from the music scene to be photographed really close together - kind of flirting with each other, The Spice Girls, Sugababes, Destinys Child, Girls Aloud and Little Mix are featuring heavily in this section. I also found a couple of amazing pics of Cameron Diaz on the red carpet with her Jimmy Choo's up close and personal with another acresses's shoes and getting her bum squeezed by one of them for good measure.
14.11.2014 I have added a little description to each photo category. Also, and another apology here, I have had a few requests now where you would like to send me some shoes for me to play footsie with my friends in. Sadly as I said before I'm not really in a position to do that as I have lost touch with most of the girls... incredibly it was over 10 years ago when we had those fun nights of drunken footsie fun and the girls have all moved on.
I would love to be able to do that again someday and if I do manage to get it organised I will let you all know.
13.11.2014 A few more additions to the Picture Galleries, thanks for all your kind encouraging emails too, I will try and include more pictures of flats as well as more tangled legged stuff in the next update. Sadly as I have said before I am not really in touch with the girls I use to 'play' footsie with so taking more of my own photos is unlikely at the moment - however if I can I will. Lastly, can I just re-iterate - the idea (and my fetish) for this site is only for footsie in shoes between girls - I'm sorry but I'm not planning to add a bare feet footsie section, bare feet just don't do it for me and there are plenty of other sites out there that cater for that little fetish.
08.11.2014 Yet another new category added to the images gallery... Celebrities, pictures of female celebrities playing footsie either deliberately or inadvertantly.
06.11.2014 A new feature has been added to the Images gallery. After a number of suggestions from you guys I have added two sections specifically showing images of Groups of Footsie, which features groups of girls pushing all their shoes together.Another new section has been added showing just Step On Footsie, women standing on each other shoes. Enjoy :-)
01.11.2014 More pictures added to all gallery categories.
28.10.2014 Another large update to the Picture Galleries - again with over 100 pics added. Thanks to some feedback from you guys I have changed the picture gallery page access system. You can now access any of the pages of each category from every page without the need to go through each one individually. Also the picture gallery index page now automatically goes to the latest updated pictures for that category.
01.10.2014 A huge new update to the Picture Galleries - over 100 pics added
26.08.2014 A new story has been added
11.08.2014 Over 50 new images added to all Picture galleries.
31.07.2014 New pictures added to the Boots, Courts & Trainers galleries.
29.07.2014 A new Forum facility is now added to the site.
21.07.2014 Over 50 new additions to the Pictures galleries.
21.07.2014 Two further Stories added including the first contributor to the site.
18.07.2014 The first Story is posted.
09.07.2014 A new Stories section has been added
07.07.2014 More Pictures added to Boots, Flats, Courts & Trainers
30.06.2014 New Pictures added to all sections
29.06.2014 Updates section added.
27.06.2014 Further pictures added into the Heels and Boots sections.
24.06.2014 All categories updated with the first selection of Pictures added.
20.06.2014 Website is born - da-da!

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