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25/11/2017 Update to the Courts section, a whopping 200 new images added.
24/11/2017 18 new Bootiful pics added to the Boots Gallery, including some real vintage gems from the past.
23/11/2017 The Flats section gets a bumper update... 32 new comfy images.
15/11/2017 Four new star studded pics added to the Celebs gallery.
08/11//2017 My homemade section has four new images... with thanks to my lovely girlfriend.
01/11/2017 Five new images added to the Trainers gallery.
26/10//2017 The Stepon galery is updated with 7 new images.
08/09/2017 It's the turn of the Trainers gallery again, 18 new sporty footsie images.
04/09/2017 The Boots gallery is given a bumper update... 86 new images and now totalling 22 pages.
28/08/2017 The Tennis gallery is updated with 8 new additions!
07/08/2017 The Trainers gallery has 28 new additions!
19/07//2017 29 more pictures added to the Stepon section!
04/06/2017 I have updated the Celebs section with 18 images of footsie moments from famous females!
20/05//2017 A few more additions to the Shoefie section!
29/03/2017 The Step On section is updated with 40 images!
23/02/2017 The Shoefie and Tennis sections are updated!
22/02/2017 The Trainers section is updated...2 pages of new updates!
15/02/2017 The Celebrities section is updated...3 pages of new updates in this one!
06/02/2017 The Boots section is updated...4 pages of new updates no less!
01/01/2017 Happy New Year everyone! :-)

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