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17/10/2018 A new video is added to the Exclusives section, and an awesome new contributor too... welcome Veronica :-)
01/10/2018 I've fixed a number of broken links throughout the site and found some missing images here and there, thanks to those who have emailed me to let me know!
26/09/2018 So after a little summer break and a somewhat difficult relationships period we are back and with a fresh bunch of updates... images added to the step on, tennis, groups, celebs, cabin crew and a couple of new exclusive clips too! Enjoy peeps :-)
30/07/2018 Another new clip added to the Exclusive collection,a little laying down fun footsie in flats.
06/07/2018 A further clip added to the Exclusive collection, beautiful leather heels get all tangled.
05/07/2018 Another new clip added to our ever growing Exclusive collection, a Dangling Boots footsie fight.
11/06/2018 The latest addition to you Exclusive collection, a Dangling & Hanging Footsie in Flats clip.
30/05/2018 Two further videos added to the Exclusive section. One of which is a custom request. Enjoy :-)
22/05/2018 The Courts section is updated with a whopping 3 pages of new images. Enjoy :-)
17/05/2018 We are now signed upto both Pinterest and Instagram where you will find more news about updates.
09/05/2018 Part 2 of the Bedroom Ankle Boots clip has been added to the Exclusives Gallery
05/05/2018 An awesome little Movie clip has been added to Video galleries... taken from the film Clara & Marina.
01/05/2018 The Exclusives section gets an amazing new footsie clip... all done in my favourite style of boots too! :-)
25/04/2018 A new footsie video added to the Exclusives section, Bedroom ankle boots fun in this one.
19/04/2018 Three more videos and images sets added to the Exclusives section
06/04/2018 The Flats section of the site has been quiet for a while, but not anymore - a whopping 110 pics added. Enjoy :-)
30/03/2018 A new video and picture set added to the Exclusives section - Office footsie in Boots - Part 1 :-)
23/03/2018 Another addition to the Exclusives section and more from Satine and Tracey, this time wearing office heels and enjoying some standing footsie fun, very creaky and squeaky :-)
20/03/2018 A new scene has been added to the Exclusives section featuring the amazing Satine and Tracey sat on the sofa wearing Leather Knee and Ankle Boots. Picture set coming soon! Enjoy :-)
16/03/2018 The free area of the site has been updated with the Celebs, Groups, Stepon and Trainers sections all getting new pics. The Exclusives section is growing by the week and I hope to have the image sets on offer very soon. More scenes are already booked and we will have new content coming over the next couple of weeks. Thanks as always to all the amazing models who have contributed so far.
02/03/2018 IT IS FINALLY HERE! The GPFIS Exclusives section is up and running. The page will offer exclusive commissioned clips with some amazing scenes of shoes footsie, it is hoped this will see a monthly update with new material being added regularly such as further clips and imagesets which are all available to purchase. ALL sales will go towards commissioning further clips so please dig deep and help to support the site.
12/02/2018 The Groups sees a massive update, over 4 pages and over 100 pics in total.
11/02/2018 Two more new models signed up to provide content for the new 'GPFIS Exclusive' section... can't wait to get this up and running now :-)
09/02/2018 The GPFIS Exclusive content is growing almost daily now with more contributions steadily rolling in. I hope to have this new section of the site up and running very soon with picture sets and videos available for purchase.
03/02/2018 Another scattering of various pics added to image galleries including a couple of lovely shots of the amazing Kirsty Gallagher in the Celebrities section.
20/01/2018 I now have six photosets and four videos ready to go of my very own footsie creations featuring a number of different styles of shoes and boots. As and when I can I will be adding lots more and when I have a clear idea of how to offer these I will let you all know. Thanks for all your enquiries around this exciting new area of the site - and an even bigger thank you to all the models who have taken part so far.
18/01/2018 The Groups section is updated with two pages full of multiple footsie moments.
08/01/2018 A number of pics added to most of the sections with a big update coming along very soon.
06/01/2018 I have began researching into the possibility of commissioning a new series of models for some custom shoes footsie shoots, hopefully the site will see these over the next couple of months. Due to the cost of using professional models this new section will be a subscription/pay per view area. More news on this over the next month or so. The rest of the site will remain free to view and will always remain so :-)
05/01/2018 A new section has been added to the images gallery... the high flying Cabin Crew girls
01/01/2018 Happy New Year everyone! :-)

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